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SPEER International, In partnership with MAT and Charger Composites can build your dream car or help you complete your project.  SPEER offers development packages for the Toyota GT86, Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Porsche 911 and Ferrari 308.  The parts or elements of the packages can be sold independently or purchased as a finished vehicle.  Contact SPEER today for advice, performance parts, and Tuner Development Packages.

Toyota GT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ 


Drift Package:  Engine Tune, Turbo Installation, Suspension Upgrade/Chassis Tune, Lowered Ride Height, Custom Titanium Exhaust, Interior Delete, Full Roll Cage (Formula-D), Race Seats, Fire Suppression, Safety Harness, Front Spoiler, Fender Flares, Rear Wing







Rally Package:  Chassis Reinforcement, Suspension Upgrade/Chassis Tune, Interior Delete, Full Roll Cage (FIA), Race Seats, Fire Suppression, Safety Harness, Rear Wing







Street Package:  Engine Tune, Turbo Installation, Suspension Upgrade, Custom Exhaust, Front Spoiler, Rear Wing







Track Package:  Suspension Upgrade, Weight Reduction, Custom Exhaust, Roll Bar, Front Spoiler, Fender Lip, Rear Wing








1968-1985 Porsche 911 Historic Rally Conversion






1990-Present Porsche 911 Track Package:  Suspension Upgrade, Weight Reduction, Custom Exhaust, Roll Bar






1976-1985 Ferrari 308 GTB Grp. 4 Historic Rally Conversion






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